The Mel Waller Success Academy Membership Site launched September 2020.

Please NOTE! If you click on a link and you are re-directed back to this Welcome page it is because the link you clicked on is only available to Free and/or Paid members. Thanks for your understanding!

There are now only 2 levels of membership. Free and the paid Silver membership at $9.97 a month that includes all the paid courses, ebooks and downloads. Everything is included.

Mentorship will be offered separately and on a very limited basis.

To Register for a Free Lifetime Membership to access a portion of our site INCLUDING blog posts, please go HERE.

What We Will Be Presenting in our Membership Site

Naturally as a Success Academy, there will be emphasis on how to be Successful in Business as well as in Life.

We will also be teaching you How to Create Your Very First Ebook to Sell or Give Away.

We just added: Introduction to Creating Ebooks Course which is part of the Free membership here.

We will teach you How to Self-Publish Your Own Books if you prefer saving your money from traditional sites, giving you more freedom to do as you wish to do with your book and its contents.

We will teach you How to Use Public Domain Content to Publish Books, ebooks, articles & posts.

We will also be providing numerous ebooks for your study and reading.

We just added Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill which led many people to become millionaires and has sold over 70 million copies. This is available to all members. It will also become a free PDF download.

eBooks Available Newly Added

To see our entire list of Available eBooks, click on the “New eBooks List” up on the Navigation bar and then if you are a member just click on the eBook title to be taken directly to the eBook to read.

Many eBooks will be Free to members.

There are 38 eBooks available now to free members and 2 Free courses along with:

1 paid course and 1 paid downloadable course PDF.

On a case by case basis, I will be offering Mentoring to a limited number of people.

Once we reach 25 members from any level, I will start community that will be part of the paid membership  where we can gather and learn from one another or just hang out if you want to.

2 Websites in One

Here you are at https://success.melwallersuccessacademy.com/ which is our membership site.

Our totally public site connected to this is at a different domain: https://melwallersuccessacademy.com/

There will be a blog there as well with different content. I’m using that to direct people here as the search engines can not see a protected membership site.

My Experience in Success

Currently as of 18 Sept 2020, I have 1,091 book titles in print and 278 ebook titles selling on Amazon.

That journey began 20 years ago and I never imagined I would have this many books in print at this time. But much has happened since I started my journey which makes it easier and certainly more affordable to publish books and ebooks today than ever before.

I have had businesses online since 1996 when I started selling on eBay and I continue to diversify with an emphasis on passive income. There is nothing like getting paid no matter what else we might be doing including sleeping!

For 32 years I have had businesses in the offline world. Now they are exclusively online.

I look forward to assisting each member here and learning from one another.

To Your Success!

Mel Waller

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    • Hi and Welcome! I tried to go to your website: garmentgreen.com but my browser flags it as Unsecure: NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID. You might need to activate or update your SSL certificate I think it’s called. If you are a member of WA, you can contact SiteSupport to fix that. If you have another hosting site contact their support.

      Again Welcome, I am adding more ebooks every day.


  1. you have a great site and have offered your paid membership at such an affordable rate. I think you are really doing a great service for people who want to start their online businesses.

  2. Hello Mel,
    I am happy to be here. I just started building out my first site and am looking forward to creating value for affiliate marketers. So happy you reached out to me Mel!
    Other than WA you are my first membership site login.


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