Free Mel Waller Success Academy Membership


Free Lifetime Membership to the Free Portion of The Mel Waller Success Academy allows you the opportunity to access some of our ebooks and introductory Courses at no cost to you.

This membership site was created in September 2020 and I will continually be adding value content to it.

The Paid Portion will include a Paid Membership in the near future as well as individual paid Courses and paid Mentoring.

We appreciate your patience as we build our site.

Any questions or requests can be sent to:

To Your Success!

Mel Waller

2 thoughts on “Free Mel Waller Success Academy Membership”

  1. Hi Mel,
    When I click the link above to access the course, it takes me back to the welcome page. Where do I find the course?

    • Hi Deb,

      Which course are you trying to access? The only free course is Introduction to Creating eBooks. The other courses are all part of the Paid membership level at $9.97 a month. Later you have the option to downgrade back to the Free level no problem. If a member or someone new clicks on a link to a membership level they are not registered for, it will take them back to the Welcome Page which in the 1st paragraph in Bold I address that issue.

      If you were trying to access Introduction to Creating eBooks, I can see what I can do about that.

      To Your Success!

      Mel Waller


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